St. Giles. Downton-on-the-Rock The old church of St. Giles was abandoned in 1861. Poutney Smith was then commissioned to build this gem of a church. It is in the Early English style and perfectly proportioned. It is a rare example of Victorian sensitivity in church building. Its setting is beautiful - on a hillside, in the midst of a field at the end of a long vista from Downton castle. St. Giles has excellent acoustics. Services here vary with some Sundays using the Common Worship Liturgy and at other times using the Book of Common Prayer. The acoustics in this churhare excellent ad several concerts have been heldhere ver the years. Local MusiciansElenor Alberga* and Tom Bowes has recently held concerts here. * Elenor Alberga was commissioned to create a piece for the 2015 Proms season in the Royal Albert Hall
St. Giles. Downton-on-the-Rock