Hymns. Green Book. Q1 2018
7th January Epiphany 41 As with gladness 113 Earth has many 320 Love came down 454 Spirit of the living 394 O worship the Lord 14th January 2nd Of Epiphany 13 All hail the power 53 Be still 26 Alleluia sing to Jesus 143 Forth in the name 21st January 3rd Of Epiphany 478 Take my life 148 From heaven you came 451 Songs Of thankfulness 108 Deck thyself 170 God is love 28th January 4th Of Epiphany 220 How sweet the name 133 Firmly I believe 288 King of glory 520 Thy Kingdom come 519 Thy Kingdom come O lord 4th Of February 5th Of Epiphany 9 ALL creatures Of Our GOd 314 Lord Of beauty 46 At the NaMe Of 107 Dearest Jesu 514 Thou whose almighty 11th February Transfiguration 33 AngeL voices 70 Bright the vision 172 God is working 83 Christ is the world’s 18th February 1st of Lent 401 On Jordan’s bank 144 Forty days 55 Be thou my guardian 312 Lord Jesus think on me 261 Jesu lover of My soul
25th February 2nd of Lent 349 New every Morning 56 Be thou My vision 426 Praise to the holiest 465 Take up thy cross 4th March 3rd of Lent 82 Christ whose glory 133 Firmly I believe 15 All My hope 4 A New commandment 425 Praise the Lord 11th March Mothering Sunday 137 For the beauty 275 Jesus put a song 206 He’s got the whole world 354 .Now thank we 18th March 5th of Lent 124 Father of heave 386 O my saviour lifted 437 RocK of ages 159 Glory be to Jesus 243 Immortal love