Hymns. Green Book. Q2 2017
9th April. Palm Sunday   11	All Glory Laud and honour  76	Christ is made the sure foundation383	O love, how deep435	Ride on, ride on  16th April Easter Day	 267	Jesu Christ is risen today355	Now the green blade495	The strife is o’er  25	Alleluia, alleluia hearts to heaven503	Thine be the glory  23rd April 2nd of Easter192	Hail, thou once103	Crown Him with many522	To God be the glory142	Forth in peace  30th April 3rd of Easter	(5th Sunday)  40	As we are gathered432	Rejoice, the Lord is king270	Jesu is Lord  96	Come, risen Lord 158	Glorious things  7th May 4th of Easter  17	All people that on earth484	The King of love504	Thine for ever117	Faithful shepherd246	In heavenly love  14th May 5th of Easter220	How sweet the name  77	Christ is our cornerstone473	The church’s one foundation170	God is love  21st May 6th of Easter 15	All my hope4	A new commandment235	I, the Lord of sea63	Blessed are the pure172	God is working  28th May Sunday after Ascension94	Come, let us join480	The head that once  46	At the name of Jesus277	Jesus shall reign  4th June Whit Sunday69	Breathe on me  91	Come holy ghost  90	Come down, O love184 	Gracious Spirit158	Glorious things  11th June Trinity225	I bind unto myself 321	Love divine133	Firmly, I believe422	Praise my soul  18th June 1st after Trinity17	All people138	For the fruits205	He who would valiant393	O thou who camest321	 Love divine   25th June 2nd after Trinity173	God moves in124	Father of heaven32	And now, O father142	Forth in the peace
Green Book 9th April - 25th June