Hymns. Green Book. Q2 2018
25th March - Palm Sunday   11	All glory laud and honour570	You are the King513	Thou didst leave thy throne435	Ride on  1st April Easter Sunday 267	Jesus Christ is risen  99	Come ye faithful  25	Alleluia, alleluia hearts to heaven351	Now is eternal life503	Thine be the glory  8th April 2 of Easter517	Through the night195	Happy are they531	We hail thy presence255	It is a thing  15th April 3 of Easter 158	Glorious things432	Rejoice the Lord  48	Author of life346	My song is love563	Ye choirs of new  22nd April 4 of Easter220	How sweet the name484	The King of love    4	A new commandment246	In heavenly love  29th April 5 of Easter426	Praise to the holiest355	Now the green blade531	We hail the presence  67	Bread of heaven309	Lord enthroned  6th May 6 of Easter  90	Come down, O love 283	Joy to the world235	I, the Lord352	Now, let us from375	O, Jesus I have promised  13th May Ascension  13	All hail the power432	Rejoice, the Lord  26	Alleluia, sing to Jesus277	Jesus shall reign  20th May Pentecost  90	Come down O love divine392	O thou who camest184	Glorious Spirit454	Spirit of the living God  60	Breathe on me  27th May Trinity  33	Angel voices464	Take my life343	My God, how wonderful514	Thou whose almighty  3rd June Corpus Christi531	We hail thy presence535	We pray thee391	O thou, who at the Eucharist497	Thee we adore243	Immortal love