Help lines, Local Food Bank & Credit Unions 
Help Lines   Childline Free 24hr helpline 0800 1111 Silverline  for older people Free 24hr helpline 116 123 Domestic Violence Free 24hr helpline 0800 2000247 Samaritans       Free 24hour helpline 116123 NHS Drugs addiction helpline  24hr helpline  0300 123 6600 
CREDIT UNIONS are controlled by the Financial Services Authorities in the UK. They provide facilities for savers and also for borrowers. Their costs of borrowing are generally below those asked for by other financial organisations, interest paid to savers depends upon the individual Credit Union. Each Credit Union has its own set of priorities, are responsible lenders and  are based  around a community. They operate in a similar fashion to ‘Friendly Societies’. Some lend for small business projects others with less money to lend might not. If you wish to save or borrow then contact the relevant Credit Union who will do their best to help you. Regular saving with a Credit Union will help society in general as the Credit Union will have more resources to help others who struggle to make ends meet.
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