PCC Minutes Page 3
 7. Information from the churches Brampton Bryan spring walk in the park will be on 7th May at 3.30 followed by tea.  Costs are the same as last year. £7.50 per adult, £4 for children.  The Scarecrow festival will be on 6th August. Burrington church continues to be closed and will be fenced as a hazard.  The community is gathering information for an HLF bid and planning a fundraising event for May Day. Motion: ‘That this PCC wishes St Georges Burrington to apply for an HLF grant and a diocesan faculty if, and when, the time is appropriate’ Proposed the Rector, seconded Culain Morris, agreed Nem Con. It is our turn to host the Deanery communion and synod.  This will be on Ascension Day, 25th May at 7 p.m. at Leintwardine church.  Normally there would be an invited speaker. Culian Morris drew the meeting’s attention to articles in the parish magazine about a Family Brunch in the Methodist Church on Saturday 25th February.  a) Prospect for 2017 Lizzie Womack attended the national panel to discern suitability for mission and has been put forward to the Bishop’s advisory panel. If she is recommended, she will begin a three-year part-time training course to be ordained as a self- supporting minister.  She will remain in the parish focusing on families, young people, and summer activities.  8. Rector’s notices The Rector has completed a response to a Government review of church buildings regarding the. sustainability of their future. Anne Brandrick head of Leintwardine church school is retiring.  The school governors, having reviewed its budget will not appoint a new head.  There is a likelihood of an initial 3-year soft federation between Wigmore schools and Leintwardine C of E primary school.  Executive management will come from Wigmore schools.  Governors will seek to appoint a head of school. The two governing bodies will remain.  Leintwardine school will maintain its church status and foundation governors on the governing body. The Rector recommended that the PCC should give Anne Brandrick a farewell gift.  A vacancy remains for a foundation governor.  Culain Morris is the chair of governors.  The interview panel for the head of school will include a diocesan representative.  The school roll is in the high 80’s. Dates for first and fifth Sundays, patronal festivals and a table of church fees were circulated. (copies can be emailed on request)  9. AOB ‘Open the book’ is operating in Wigmore and Leintwardine Schools. Brampton Bryan is submitting an HLF application  10. Dates of next meetings The annual parochial church meeting will be on 24.4.17 at 7.30 for the election of church wardens and presentation of accounts.  11. Closing prayers