PCC Minutes Page 2
 5. Treasurer’s report The treasurer shared a document which is a draft full year report.  There may be a few small payments as he has yet to see the final bank statement. The parish has a £1,521 deficit.  Leintwardine and Wigmore have shortfalls on their parish shares.  If these were paid there would be a surplus of over £6,000. HSBC is closing its branches in Knighton and Ludlow.  The nearest cash machines will be in Leominster and Bishop’s Castle. The treasurer recommended a shift to online banking and is hoping to find a bank which has an online double signature process.  He also asked Church treasurers to consider setting up standing orders for 11 months with a final cheque to balance their payments. (He also accepted a suggestion from the floor that electronic payments would also be a helpful alternative). Votes:  To agree to internet banking, Agreed nil against, 3 abstentions To agree payment by standing order or electronic transfer.  Deferred to church committee AGMs Rosemary Lording has telephoned to request that each church submit its own accounts to avoid a requirement for accrual based accounts.  Action: Church treasurers to submit accounts online to the diocese Leominster Deanery has signalled a deficit of £7000 for this year. Planning beyond 2017 need a balanced approach: Increase giving, reduce costs, and use assets better, three options were put forward to consider: Option1: seek increases in parish offer by 15% in 2018 and 7% in 2019 Option 2: Aim for an increase of parish share by 6% in 2018 and 6% in 2019 and reduce costs- 6 fewer clergy and 4 fewer staff. Option 3: If there is no increase in parish share cost would need to reduce by 15 fewer clergy (nearly 1 in 5) and 6 fewer staff.  * all options assume £0.8 million funding from reserves until 2019. If all standard givers gave £1 more this would raise £27,000 and put us in surplus  6. Deanery Synod report Barry Forrester O.B.E, a former senior civil servant. gave a talk on ’Speaking truth to power’.  The Mission Action Plan (MAP) was discussed.  Parishes were asked to prepare a MAP by April 2017.  The Rural Dean objected that anything taking clergy away from their people facing duty was not a good use of their time.  Frequent diocesan changes were not helpful.  The Deanery will submit a plan on behalf of the parish. Rosemary Lording covered the information shared with Treasurers and said that Leominster deanery was only £7,000 short of its contribution. (Based on the diocesan figure of £55,000 per stipendiary priest of which we have 6 in the deanery).  Leominster has been right at the top in responding to what is asked. If each church gave an extra £4 pw or ££208 per year this would make our deanery shortfall good. There was an advent meditation. The next meeting is on 2nd March at the Forbury Chapel. The speaker will be the Dean of Hereford. Currently Dee Caulton-Ball is the only PCC representative on the Synod.  There are two vacancies. Serena Askew has volunteered to take up one place.  Agreed Nem Com