St. Giles. Pipe Aston
St. Giles. Pipe Aston Our smallest church, Pipe Aston is a Norman gem, set in an immaculately kept churchyard. It was partly rebuilt in the 13th century, and has had restoration and preservation work completed in 2013. Its ornate north doorway boasts a Norman tympanum. It is so perfectly preserved that it looks as if it was carved yesterday. The nave has an original Norman wall painting. The roof is late 14th century. The Tympanum! This alone is worth a visit, and whilst you are there pop in and look at the cosy, quiet interior. Stay awhile and enjoy a moment of quiet reflection Savour the wall paintings, someone along time ago decorated this sacred space. The Tympanum, the paintings - generations have valued this small church - others still do.
The church is open to the public every day of the year. For further information on St Giles please visit