Hymns. Red Book. Q2 2017
9th April Palm Sunday328	All glory, laud and honour  61	Ride on, ride on117	Praise to the holiest  67	When I survey   16th April Easter Sunday   77 	Christ is risen  78	The strife is o’er428	Thine be the glory  73	Ye choirs of new Jerusalem  23rd April 2nd of Easter   87	Hail the day that sees Him rise147	Crown Him with many458	Forth in the peace145	Come ye faithful  30th April 5th Sunday 7th May 1st Sunday  14th May 5th of Easter 122	How sweet the name161	Christ is our cornerstone170	The church’s one foundation365	God is love  21st May 6th of Easter 336	All my love238	Blest are the pure199	Immortal, invisible234	Thine for ever  28th May Sunday after Ascension  144	 Come let us join141	The head that once148	At the name143	Jesus shall reign  4th June	1st Sunday  11th June Trinity 118	Firmly I believe163	Angel voices  95	Holy, holy, holy102	My God, how wonderful  18th June 1st after Trinity 100	All people that on earth233	O thou that camest131	Love divine170	The church’s one foundation  25th June 2nd after Trinity 112	God moves in a mysterious   97	Father of Heaven260	And now, O father458	Forth in the peace
Red Book 9th April - 25th June