Hymns. Red Book. Q2 2018
25th March - Palm Sunday  60 All glory, laud and honour 250 Thou didst leave thy throne  61 Ride on, ride on  63 My song is love 1st April Easter Day Gathered 8th April 2 of Easter 145 Come ye faithful 254 Thee we adore 157 Breathe on me 266 We hail the presence 15th April 3 of Easter 172 Glorious things 139 Rejoice the Lord 258 Author of life   73 Ye choirs of new 22nd April 4 of Easter 122 How sweet the name 126 The King of Love 234 Thine forever 184 Jerusalem the golden 29th April 5 of Easter 5th Sunday gathered 6th May 1st Sunday gathered 13th May Sunday after Ascension 140 All hail the power 139 Rejoice the Lord 262 Alleluia sing to Jesus 143 Jesus shall reign 20th May Pentecost 156 Come down, O love 233 O thou who camest 154 Gracious spirit 157 Breathe on me 27th May Trinity Sunday 163 Angel voices 249 Take my life 102 My God, how wonderful 180 Thou whose almighty word 3rd June. 1st Sunday gathered